Monday Madness Open Mic Night

Every Monday night, THE COMEDY UNDERGROUND presents open mic for professional and amateur comedians to test new material and to develop their acts. If you are interested in participating, be aware that this stage time is precious. Use it productively. Do not waste this valuable opportunity by going on unprepared or by performing material that’s been worked to death.

Avoid doing racist, sexist or homophobic material (especially if it is mean-spirited). Stolen material is, of course, unacceptable.

Set length is three (3) minutes MAXIMUM. A signal light goes on when one minute remains. That means WRAP IT UP. You must be finished BEFORE the light goes off at the end of the allotted time. Failure to stay within your time limit could prove fatal!

Each of the above fascist precepts is of equal importance. Those who disregard them risk being excluded from future performances.

How to Sign Up

Open mic sign-up begins an hour before showtime and ends 30 minutes before showtime. With very few exceptions, signing up must be done in person. Usually, there will be many more comics than slots available. If you do not make it onto an evening’s performance list you may request (it is NOT done automatically) to be “bumped” (presigned up) for another open mic night. On that new night, you must check in no later than 30 minutes before show time (by phone is OK here) or you may be erased from the list.

The show order is composed after sign up closes.

Wonderfully unfair preferential consideration for available slots is given as follows:

  • First to professional comedians and to performers bringing TWO or MORE paying guests
  • Then to comics “bumped” to that night and those with only one paying guest
  • Next to (your name here) if you do not fit into any of the above
  • Lastly to loners with demonic tattoos on their buttocks

In addition, if you do really well at the Open Mic, we will offer you a chance to perform on our Tuesday showcase show, Call Backs.

Ultimately, it is the subjective decision of the management as to whom stage time will be given. This is a funny business. Thanks for your cooperation.

Carl Warmenhoven, Former Ass.Man.