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Felicia Michaels - Milf and Cookies Now Available

Felicia Michaels latest comedy album, "Milf and Cookies", has been released. We are absolutely thrilled because it was recorded January 30, 2014 at the Seattle Comedy Underground.

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Study says laughing can bring brain waves into mock-meditative state

Would you like to improve your mental and physical health with the benefits of meditation and have a few drinks at the same time? A recent study suggests you should visit the Seattle Comedy Underground.

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Joe Larson Filming New Special at Comedy Underground

NOT TO BE OUTDONE -- Joe Larson, just like Jared Logan who we wrote about yesterday, is also coming in from New York and he also was on TV last week. Moreover, he will be the subject of a three-camera shoot here March 21-23, 2014 for a cable TV special.

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ONLY SEEN HERE — We get a bit tired of other Puget Sound clubs glomming comedians we debut to the Pacific Northwest. So, when we were asked to hire Jared Logan from New York (originally West Virginia), our attitude was, “Hey, if we bring Jared to Seattle, we want him to ourselves for awhile.”

And the enlightened folks over at William Morris Agency actually agreed.

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Matt McClowry Recording Comedy Album at Comedy Underground

Following the huge success the Comedy Underground had with last month’s comedy album recording of Felicia Michaels, we have partnered with Uproar for a comedy album recording with Matt McClowry at the Seattle Comedy Underground on April 10-12, 2014.

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Felicia Michaels Recording Comedy Album at Comedy Underground

Felicia Michaels will be recording a new comedy album with Uproar! at Comedy Underground January 30 to February 1, 2014.

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Jim Short and Margaret Cho Have a Podcast

Monsters of Talk, a podcast by Jim Short and Margaret Cho, celebrates it's first anniversary.

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Lineup Announced for 34th Seattle International Comedy Competition

The roster for the 34th Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition has been announced.

32 talented performers from across North America and Europe have been selected for this years event.

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Our New Tuesday Night Show: Call Backs

The Comedy Underground is upping the ante for our Monday Night show, we've created a new Tuesday Night show, we're calling Call Backs.

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Sunday is Industry Night

Sunday here is now restaurant and hospitality industry night. Bring proof that you work in a bar or hotel or suchlike and get in free on Sunday! What a great way to end a busy week (or start one for that matter).

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