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Comedy News: Does anyone get their picture in the Seattle Times more than Kris Brannon

Does anyone get their picture in the Seattle Times more than Kris Brannon besides, maybe, President Obama? There he was again this morning.

Who's that, you ask? Well, you probably know him better as Sonics Guy, the sudden local celebrity who fought the lonely battle to bring the Sonics back for so many years that some folks figured he might just be a bit touched in the head.

During all that time, Kris was also our manager at the Comedy Underground in Tacoma. With the retirement of longtime club manager Carl Warmenhoven, Kris was transferred to Seattle to take his place just as Chris Hansen came to town with his proposal to build a new stadium in Sodo and get the Sonics back. Kris was immediately front and center for the cause to the point where now he is even portrayed on a mural in a city park.

A little background on Kris: he is a proud graduate of Evergreen College. He's not especially athletic but he has fond memories of going to basketball games with his late grandfather.

If you've seen him here, you might have noticed the huge comb embedded in his fro. That was a poker table affectation Kris used back in the days when he figured his card playing prowess would be his ticket to Sports Center and, well, a poker player needs something that makes people remember him and serves as a distraction at the same time.

We're figuring the Sonics might eventually want Kris on their staff but until they take him away we're relishing the exposure he has received and hope fans will come down to meet him and perhaps talk a little sports upstairs at Swannies after the show.

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