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Comedy News: Mike Baldwin Wins Seattle International Comedy Competition

Kansas City comic Mike Baldwin won first place in the 32nd Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition.

Mike Baldwin
Mike Baldwin
Baldwin placed first at four out of the five shows in last week's final rounds. Considering the quality of the competition he faced, that's pretty amazing.

Mike Baldwin drove out from Missouri to participate in the comedy competition with an initial thought of earning enough prize money to pay for his food, a cheap motel and enough gas to get back home. When all was said and done, he was holding a check for $5,000, the biggest payday of his career and a return plane ticket for a Victory Engagement at the Comedy Underground, Dec. 9-11, Baldwin tells his audiences, "I'm dumb but not that dumb. I just like to act that way to mess with my friends" and, boy, does he ever. With impeccable timing, a likable stage presence and unique voice, he truly is a major new discovery on the scene.

Mike Baldwin earned himself a check for $5000. In addition, he will be offered a $1000.00 advance towards a recording contract with Uproar Entertainment.

If you saw Mike during the comedy competition, come see him do his complete set. If you didn't see him, come now and treat yourself to an early Christmas present.

The rest of the top five are:

  • Mike Baldwin, Kansas City
  • Mrs Hughes, Pismo Beach
  • Rick Kunkler, Seattle/Los Angeles
  • Rodney Sherwood, Seattle
  • Patrick Keane, Los Angeles

For the full highlights of the 2011 Seattle International Comedy Competition, visit:

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