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Comedy News: Seattle International Comedy Competition

Seattle International Comedy Competition: November 3-28, 2010

The 31st Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition kicks of November 3, 2010 at Vera Project in Seattle.

The Seattle International Comedy Competition is an annual, multi-week, judged, stand-up comedy contest. Over thirty comedians, out of hundreds who apply, perform in shows held in comedy clubs, bars, restaurants, casinos and theaters in and around the Seattle and the Pacific Northwest throughout the month of November.

Contestants perform 3-7 minute long sets in one of two preliminary weeks, consisting of six shows in six venues over six nights. The top five from each preliminary week will meet in the semi-finals week, which requires them to perform 8-12 minute long sets for another six shows. The top five from the semi-finals move on to the finals. In the finals, they will perform 15-20 minute long sets in five more shows…and, a winner is crowned.

This is a judged contest. Each contestant will perform for a unique group of judges for every show they do. Judges score each contestant in seven categories.

The Seattle International Comedy Competition shares the same basic format and structure as the San Francisco Comedy Competition—and both competitions share the same Executive Producer, Jon Fox.

The Seattle Comedy Underground offers a unique opportunity to see all of the comics in this festival in two back-to-back shows. Monday, November 8 is the final show of Preliminary Round One. Only five of these comics can advance to the Semi-Finals and this is their last chance to present their best set.

Tuesday November 9 is the first show of Preliminary Round Two. 16 new comics take the stage and compete to see who advances to the semi-final round. The Top Five from each round meets at the Semi-Finals which kick off, naturally enough, at the Seattle Comedy Underground on November 16.

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