Comedy Underground
at Swannies
109 S. Washington Street
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 628-0303
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MC Notes

  1. Be at the club at least 30 minutes before showtime.
  2. You will have 7 to 10 minutes to do your warm-up set. Begin by welcoming the audience and thanking them for supporting live comedy.
  3. If you are hosting an open mic night, briefly explain the format. (open to anyone ... when to sign up ... time limit ... warning light ... length of a usual show which is about one hour and fourtyfive minutes).
  4. Do your best stuff and "look professional". If possible, cover a variety of topics. That way upcoming comics can read the audience's taste.
  5. You'll recieve a list of who's on when. Make sure the comics adhere to the order. Any changes must be approved by the Ass Man.
  6. Ask comics what they'd like for their intro. Usually they will not care, but some may have upcoming shows to promote or TV credits to boast about.
  7. Learn the correct pronunciation of each performers name.
  8. Avoid sarcasm. Treat acts with respect. Do not mock or ridicule anyone (unless they are your best friend). Tender egos are involved. Being mean-spirited is never acceptable.
  9. The last words of the intro should be the comic's name. Lead the applause as they come to the stage. Don't leave the stage until the comic has arrived.
  10. Be ready to return to the stage the moment the act concludes. You should be on stage before the applause ends. Lead the applause. Mention the act's name again. You can milk the applause, but you can't restart it.
  11. KEEP THE SHOW MOVING. Don't do bits between the acts. A one-liner now and then is OK.