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Comedy News: Seattle Comedian looks to Kickstart first album

Derek SheenDerek Sheen has thought about this moment for a long time.

"I first visited the Comedy Underground when I was 13 years old,” the local comedian says. “It's the club where I performed my first open mic. Ever since the day I stepped into that windowless basement, I have dreamt of headlining that stage."

30 years later that dream is about to come true.

On June 7th-10th, Sheen will be headlining the legendary Seattle comedy club and is starting a Kickstarter campaign to record the event.

“My plan is to create a unique package, both artistically and audibly, by utilizing the talents of hard rock producer Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Isis, Minus the Bear) and cartoonist Mark Allender,” says Sheen. “I'm hoping to craft a project that not only captures my live act, but also my fondness for loud music, art and the spectacle of a big production.”

A lifelong heavy metal fan, Sheen had Allender design the cover as an homage to late rocker Ronnie James Dio’s classic album Holy Diver. In his typical self-depreciating style, Sheen says his album will be called “Holy Drivel”.

Sheen is pulling no punches with his Kickstarter campaign, even enlisting his mother to ask for donations on his behalf via a hilarious and, apparently, drunken video.

“Please contribute to this,” Barbara Sheen pleads. “He’s all I’ve got!”

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